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“Sonic Opposition to the Powers That Be” Part-I: Asian Dub Foundation (ADF)’s John Pandit in conversation with NoorAfshan Mirza.

John Pandit/Aka Pandit G of Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) in conversation with NoorAfshan Mirza. Part I. NoorAfshan Mirza: My first question is about the way you have tried to work with the community to produce music. What has been your process? And what would you say, have been its successes and failures?  John Pandit: Well, yeah. My…

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“The Winter of Absolute Zero”: Interview with Shaj Mohan by Auwn Gurmani

The 20th century carried a silent consensus that philosophy was Western, which then was split into ‘continental’ and ‘Anglo-Saxon’/analytical. In recent decades we have seen the assertive presence of non-White philosophers including Achilles Mbembe, Anthony Appiah, Divya Dwivedi, and Shaj Mohan. Shaj Mohan is the philosopher who has been “forsaken”[i] by philosophical traditions as his work…

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