“Waae Watan Hoshken Daar”

by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

        Christian Johann Heinrich Heine (December 13, 1797 – February 17, 1856) was a journalist, an essayist, and one of the most significant German romantic poets. A hu...


‘One who pays the piper calls the tunes’: On China in Balochistan

by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

    Have you ever thought when and why an investor needs to have armed back-up for it to continue to develop, yes that is what they say to develop, a mine a port or power-station etc. They...


“Fabricating Specious Ethos”

by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

  The atrocities against the Baloch or the ravages against the Bengalis, the recent burning of the Hindu Dharmshala in Larkana or the carnages against the Hazaras or Christians sadden me deeply ...


The Unsung Heroes Of the Baloch Long March

by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

      The historic Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Long March ended on 1st March when the brave and selfless marchers after having marched for 106 days reached Islamabad. This...



by Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur

Apparently the Pakistani establishment understands the political and historical importance of the Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Long March, therefore, desperately tries to thwart this potenti...


Free Kashmiri Political Prisoners, End the Occupation of Kashmir

by Free Kashmiri Political P...

We write this letter in solidarity with the people of Kashmir who have been living under one of the most dense military occupations in the world, where for every 15 Kashmiri civilians there is an arme...

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