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Tariq Ali on Corbyn and the British Media, Palestine, Kurdistan, Pashtun movements and how to revive Internationalism.

Tariq Ali Interview Transcript: Interview conducted on 1st June 2019.  Vilayat Khan: So, let’s start with Corbyn and the Labour Party.  How would you assess Corbyn on Brexit?  Tariq Ali: I think Corbyn’s position is correct. I think to make Brexit into the major divide of the British politics is crazy. Given…

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Scoundrel times: Paris, Baghdad, Lahore…Interview with TARIQ ALI

Qalandar Bux Memon and Jacopo Moroni in conversation with Tariq Ali: Jacopo Moroni – Mr. Ali, we would like to begin by concentrating on the recent events in the French banlieues. First of all, it seems undeniable that the events are of fundamental importance for the future political and socio-cultural European landscape, forcing us to grasp for a theoretical understanding…

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