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Teachers Assistants Striking Against Neo-Liberalism in Education: An Interview with Ayyaz Mallick

Qalandar Bux Memon:  Can you tell us what role Teaching Assistants play in the University of Toronto and York University? Ayyaz Mallick:  Teaching Assistants (TAs) at both universities are the main point of contact between undergraduate students and the faculty. TAs perform a number of duties, such as running tutorials, marking papers and assignments, invigilating…

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A New Humanism

What motivates the desire for Third World solidarity is the shared history of oppression by a common oppressor.In 2009, a few academics, supported by long standing left-wing activists, founded Pakistanis for Palestine, a Lahore based group that aimed to support Palestinians in their struggle for statehood. Critics—which include Pakistanis—of course, wonder why, given Pakistan’s own…

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Bad Sufi

The Bad Sufi A look at the practise of Contemporary Sufism in Pakistan.  It is often assumed that Sufism stands opposed to Wahhabism. Wrong. Sufism and Wahhabism, in fact, share a fatal characteristic – they are religions of the status quo.  In Pakistan, Sufism legitimises barbarities of inequality and starvation – ‘do nothing, it’s god’s…

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