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Two Poems: Quetzalcoatl Blues; The Enemy Within

Quetzalcoatl blues (Montevideo, Oct 16th, 2010)

I´m like Quetzalcoatl

without the feathers

A snake that bites

Nobody but itself

Pleasure machine

That gives no pleasure


A trap

A lie

Chameleon jaws

A strategy doomed

Since long ago

Doomed by the old men

Who touch themselves

On buses

When they sit by

Young girls

By the loaded guns

Of the off duty cop

On his way home

I can’t do this

Like them


And ride their bus

Pretending To forget

I once was wild

And strong

And covered

In feathers

The enemy within (Location: Outside Guantanamo)

As I dive in the pool

beneath the rain,

the gentle palm trees

of solitude

over my hair of bleach

there´s a road nearby

headed North

into Hell

As I´m holding my breath

in the blue

watch my arms

sway so graceful and slow

like a snake

there´s a man

in a hood

in a cell

in a Camp

in a Base

numbed to the scent

of his own decay

If I were to tread

That road

past Santiago, Trinidad

Cienfuegos, Camaguey

I´d find the walls

the fence

the children sighting planes

in the town

Then the borders

the tanks

the nuclear defense

Inside the heart of Cuba

Not the jails of Fidel

deposits for the dissidents

The prisons of

intelligence American

The prisons of


The rain grows hard

As I come out

I see their face

behind the fence

in my mind´s eye

The rain subsides

The rainbows raise their head

I understand

The Violence

( San Antonio de los Baños, CUBA Nov 2007)

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