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Poem: No ode to door-to-door strategies

No ode to door-to-door strategies    

The door-to-door salesmenIn their cheap suits

Their evangelist grinHangs from a thread

They are too youngAnd haven’t been to schoolwith their straw-colored hair

And green eyes

Their training book And their rehearsed speech

Fake leather briefcase  Full of free samplesOf something

They never heard of Willy Loman

And wouldn’t know pathos

If it stabbed  them directlyon the chest  I am from H and A

Have you ever heardof H and A?

He says withoutdropping the grin

Impervious to

My disappointed look Three flights of stairs for this?

I say to himBut half the words fall shortAs the door slams  

I don’t have time to think

About his life

As a sucession of our slamming doors

Forever locked on different sides

Both them and I

By that great wonderFree enterprise (Montevideo, Oct 3rd, 2010)

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