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Palestine in the struggle against Imperialism: An interview with Lisa Tarak...

by Lisa Taraki/Sunaina Maira

Lisa Taraki interviewed by Sunaina Maira.  Lisa Taraki is a sociologist at Birzeit University in Palestine.  In addition to her academic work on aspects of Palestinian society, politics and...


Interview of a Greek Rebel II

by Interviewee: Anonymous; ...

  Are you an anarchist?   No. Don’t be addicted to words; some people have an addiction to words because they need to belong somewhere. Some people see being an anarchist as a &ld...


Socialized Media?

by Rima Saini

  Social networks and online media have become such an integrated part of our existence it is difficult to imagine what the political landscape would look like today in their absence.&nb...


Poem - Untitled

by majikat

                                                he lik...


Pakistan’s neo-colonial rule in Balochistan

by Peter Tatchell

  The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is urging the complete demilitarisation of occupied Balochistan, as a precondition for a negotiated political settlement to end six decades of ...



by majikat

    i know him, almost by heart better than the back of my hand which has never interested me memorised his face, i could carve it into the air, at will but we could not 'se...


Revolution in Egypt: Beyond the "Alternative"

by Alia Mossallam

  Perhaps the most difficult, most nagging question that haunts us at the brink of an uprising, is the question of the alternative. We yearn for an alternative world, yet in the fear of not ha...


Faisalabad Power Loom Workers Case: A Miscarriage of Justice

by Cindy Zahnd

  Over 5000 people attended a jalsa in Faisalabad on Saturday to denounce the judgement by the anti-terrorist court that sentenced six power loom workers to 99 years each for demanding the imple...



by Hassan Rehman

CrippleCome, let's do something amazing:Let's vilify him some moreThe one whom everyone calls a tyrant       Where my brother's hand  is sowing the seeds of oppress...


Journalism and Occupation in Kashmir

by David Barsamian

(Article first published by The Kashmir Walla)For obvious reasons freedom of the press in Kashmir is limited and constrained. Military occupation with its attendant curfews, roadblocks, checkpoints, s...

Displaying articles 81 - 90 of 243 in total