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The survival of Art in an image-saturated era

by Veronica Pamoukaghlian

  The survival of Art in an image-saturated era Introduction   The advent of Photography and Film undoubtedly changed our perception of Art forever. What was once static represen...


Those Struggling for a Different Pakistan

by Qalandar Bux Memon

I.  Prologue Pakistan is in a state of crisis.  The history of Pakistan, looked at from a human perspective, has been a perpetual crisis since its birth.  The ruling elite have op...


The Trouble with House Arrest

by Avidya Muni

  One problem with house arrest is that you never quite know who’s in-charge. Or what you’ve been charged with. Or how the situation will be resolved. Between prisoner and jailor, wh...


Interview with film-maker Michal Kosakowski

by Michal Kosakowski

    Naked Punch Contributing Editor and founder of Shoppinghour magazine Peter Eramian interviews Michal Kosakowski.   Peter: Three movies that I’d like to discuss: ...


Poem: Epiphany (For Adrian Mitchell, 1932 - 2008)

by Martin Espada



Arthur Danto - Interviewed by Zoe Sutherland

by Arthur Danto

Zoe: It is a great pleasure to be here in New York, interviewing you for Naked Punch. I’m happy to see that you have a lot of exciting art here in your apartment, including, naturally, the Brill...


Poem: The Steps (Dossier Brighton Poetry)

by Michael Kindellan

      THE STEPS               After Paul Valéry   You are not the clutch of silence, placed gently against the blessed, a...


Poem: For the Brazilian Rocket Queen

by Jonty Tiplady



Poem: Untitled (From Dossier Brighton Poetry)

by Chinc Blume



A Persisting Format: Bienials and Bi-annuals

by Giancarlo Hannud

Giancarlo Hannud is an art historian based in São Paulo and part of the curatorial team of the 28th Bienal de São Paulo: In Living Contact.         ...

Displaying articles 51 - 60 of 243 in total